You Should See This Incredible Tiny House with Superb Interior

Year after year, the tiny house movement is growing stronger with every tiny house built. If you're someone who loves tiny houses and the movement their creating, you should see this incredible tiny house with a superb interior. Amazing tiny houses like this one may give you incentive to build your own tiny house on wheels and create a small house design of your own. Simply looking at all of the incredible, unique designs out there is enough to inspire anyone into small house living, but there are many reasons why people choose to build a tiny house on wheels. Most people will say that the starting point for them was realizing how much financial freedom living in a tiny house on wheels would give them. They realized they wouldn't be tied down by enormous debt or a mortgage anymore, they also figured out that they would be able to work less and still do all of the things they loved and more. People are also finding that simplifying their lives brings them greater joy than they ever knew was possible, and they have less stress and anxiety as a result.

From an environmental standpoint, living in a tiny house on wheels is a very responsible choice. So there are those who went tiny to reduce their carbon foot print and to be more eco friendly. Recent research shows that the average household is close to 2,600 square feet which requires a lot of lumber and resources to build. On the other hand, an average tiny house on wheels is only 186 square feet, requiring far less resources and materials to build. So, when building a tiny house on wheels, people can afford to purchase eco friendly, sustainably sourced materials for their build, supporting local economies and reducing carbon emissions due to shipping materials from further away. A tiny house on wheels like the one you see here would only require around 900 kilowatts of electricity to power per year, which accumulates to 1,144 pounds of CO2. A conventionally sized house would require approximately 12,700 kilowatts per year which is 16,000 pounds of CO2 per year. As you can see tiny houses create only a quarter of the carbon emissions that a conventional home does, which means a cleaner environment and saving a lot of money each year.

La Tiny House company from France is passionate about creating tiny houses that people feel good living in. If you're thinking about building your own tiny house, but are worried you don't have enough time or skill, it's best to get a company like this to build your small house design for you. La Tiny House worked with Marie-Jeanne to create the tiny house of her dreams, and it is their 19th tiny house they've built. The company works with 3 different design templates to start out the design and then incorporates the needs and desires of their client into the small house design. Marie-Jeanne's house has a very unique design, with a curved roof and double doors as an entrance. La Tiny House also incorporated solar power into the design, as well as a deck that was built onto the back of the house when it was delivered. Inside the home is everything the owner needs to live comfortably. There's even an all in one washer dryer unit so she can do her laundry whenever she wants. It also seems that she found an excellent place to park it as well. The exterior is a mix of modern and earthy cabin in the woods, and it looks really cozy parked amongst the trees. Enjoy having a look at the photos on La Tiny House's Facebook page.***

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