Very Impressive 3 Bedroom Log Home with Complete Wrap-around Porch Click for Floorplan!

Many people think of simple, one-room structures when envisioning traditional wood cabins. Surprisingly, however, log house construction can be luxurious beyond your wildest imaginings, even as these units adhere to the basic tenets of historic log house designs. Hochstetler Milling currently offers a number of first-rate log home packages that include wood cabins of a truly impressive size. This is certainly the case for the Elkmont. This is one of those log home packages that is designed and built to please. The wood cabins produced by this top-rated manufacturer are built with classically beautiful aesthetics. This log house construction plan is built in the Adirondack style and includes a complete wrap around porch. This greatly increases the amount of usable space that residents have access to while providing an additional, covered area for outdoor entertaining, cooking, and relaxation. It is the perfect place for watching the sunset, appreciating the natural terrain, and more. Residents of these wood cabins will have a full 1,609 square feet of living space at their disposal. This includes a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, and two full baths. There are also the economic and environmental benefits of investing in wood cabins to enjoy. Among these are access to an airtight and naturally insulated structure that allows for lower energy use, lower energy costs, and lower carbon footprints all around.

At the interior of these wood cabins, there is a large stone fireplace that is complemented by a tall, cathedral ceiling with gorgeous, exposed timbers. These log house construction plans also boast an expansive, open design that blends the living room, dining room, great room and kitchen seamlessly together. Wood cabins create a greater sense of family unity by keeping everyone relatively connected, irrespective of the individual activities that they're engaging in. The Elkmont is one of those log home packages that's marked as being a cut above all others in terms of overall style, usability and functionality. For those interested in log house construction that uses universal design techniques, these log home packages definitely fit the bill. Wood cabins like the Elkmont are rich with amenities and features that are capable of accommodating residents of all ages, lifestyles and living preferences. There is even a separate laundry room for washing linens and clothing that sits just off the kitchen.

When considering different options in log house construction, there are a number of important advantages that wood cabins provide that buyers should be aware of. For instance, given that wood cabins are made entirely or almost entirely from natural timber, these dwellings are unlikely to off-gas harmful chemicals that pollute the indoor air and have a negative impact on building residents. This is hardly the case with many forms of modern construction that involve the use of particle board and other, man-made materials. With wood cabins, residents can enjoy all-wood ceilings and walls, hardwood or stone floors, and other natural elements and additions that provide both breathtaking aesthetics and a safe and truly enduring, living environment. The log home packages provided by this trusted manufacturer of wood cabins are also intended to make the log house construction process seamless, straightforward, and easy. In fact, investing in these log home packages is also one of the surest ways to cut the overall costs of log house construction. Best of all, the plans for these wood cabins can be just as flexible as you need them to be. You can have them amended to reflect the nuances of your job site, your budget, and the needs and circumstances of your household. A big thanks to Hochstetler log homes for sharing this information on their amazing log home packages.

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