Tiny Duplex House Features a Split-Design for the Most Functional Floor Plan

When it comes to home ownership, there are a variety of options available to suit different budgets. A good way to get into a new home is with a tiny house design or like this one a tiny duplex that makes home ownership affordable for people across the country. These tiny house designs measure 11.8 feet wide by 34 feet long. You might also choose the 5 foot and 10-foot porch additions for extra space. That makes for 399 square feet of living space inside each unit. And when it comes time to live in your new tiny duplex there is no finishing work required, all of the tiny houses are completely finished and ready to use right away. These tiny duplex designs are tough with sturdy construction. The tiny home designs are built on solid, American made cold rolled steel. These homes have residential siding and painted steel roof for a tiny home design that is built to last through all types of weather conditions. The tiny home designs have hail, fungal decay, termite, and moisture resistant Smart Panel Siding and a 30-Gauge long-lasting Coated-Steel Roof on every tiny home model so you can feel rest assured that your home will stand up to the elements. The tiny size makes them a good fit for tight spaces where other park models, RVs, and travel trailers can't fit.

You will want to take a look at the photo gallery to get a better idea exactly what these tiny home designs look like inside. With vaulted ceilings throughout, and 90-inch sidewalls that vault to 104 inches the space feels anything but tiny. Inside the open living room/dining/kitchen area feels modern and spacious with enough space to live comfortably in a design that is brand new. These tiny house duplex designs are just one of the options when it comes to tiny house living. As you can see from the photos the tiny house designs don't feel tiny or small, they have just the right amount of space to live in style and comfort. This is just one of the options you have when it comes to home ownership, the best part is that these tiny house designs are affordable and a great way to retire or get the vacation home of your dreams.

Tiny house designs are less expensive to live in than larger sized home regarding taxes, building costs, home maintenance, heating, and repair costs. As anyone knows it's a lot of work to maintain a larger sized home when it comes to regular maintenance of all the appliances, the furnace the plumbing and more. A smaller house still has regular maintenance, but with a smaller space there is a lot less to clean and to maintain this means that you can save money and have a lot less stress. In addition to tiny home designs being less expensive, tiny houses designs may also encourage a life that is less cluttered, a simpler lifestyle that reduces the ecological impacts of those who live in them. When you live in a smaller space, you don't have to buy as much stuff to fill it. Typically the size of a tiny home design is anything less than 500 square feet. Often tiny house designs focus more on the design of the house, rather than the size of the house so you can spend more time on the furniture and decor of the space.

These tiny duplex designs can be found on the Tiny House Direct site. These tiny home builders will get you into your new tiny house design at affordable prices that when compared are less expensive than other tiny house builders. **

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