This Fully Furnished Tiny House Offers All the Comfort Necessary for Its Inhabitants

Looking at tiny house design ideas can be really inspiring, especially when you are building a tiny house of your own. This fully furnished tiny house offers all the comfort necessary for it's inhabitants and so much more. Sabrina and Alexandre are the owners of this lovely tiny house on wheels from Tiny House Baluchon, a tiny house company in France. This particular tiny house project was called the Odyssey and was delivered to Caen, France to be parked and lived in by the happy couple and their dog. Tiny House Baluchon took great care in creating this tiny house design which is only about 20 meters squared, which converts to 215 square feet approximately. This is a standard amount of square footage for a tiny house on wheels because it has to be certain dimensions to be able to be towed down the highway without a pilot vehicle and a permit. This way, the couple can take their home with them wherever they want to go. The overall construction and design of the tiny house on wheels is so warm and comfortable, its modern yet very natural feeling with all of the wood and natural elements used in the design.

There are is a diversity of wood types used in this project, for example, the flexible dining table is made from oak wood and a lot of the frame work is done with spruce wood. The cladding is made from cedar wood, and the siding is all fir from various places. This mixture of different wood types provides the home with an array of amazing benefits. The cedar wood for example is a class 3 cedar that will work to absorb the UV rays from the sun so it doesn't get too hot within the tiny house. Tiny houses can heat up pretty fast if you don't have the proper ventilation and appropriate materials, so it's great that they implemented these items. The windows also help with ventilation, and having at least one window on every wall will help to allow a cross breeze through the home. The Odyssey has a sweet triangle window up in the loft space that flips open to allow the air to circulate. It's especially important to have ventilation in the lofts since heat rises and needs somewhere to escape. The insulation in the build is also very natural, including sheep's wool for the floors, cotton, hemp and linen for the walls and wood fibre insulation for the ceilings.

They tried to keep things as natural as they possibly could for the overall wellbeing of the customers. Living in spaces that have all natural materials like this tiny house design does will only promote health, whereas some of the conventional building materials and insulations tend to have toxic ingredients in them which are harmful to breathe in constantly. So choosing natural fibres for insulations, and finding wood stains that are natural will be very beneficial for the dwellers. The Odyssey has one area for sleeping, which is up in a loft, and another area for relaxing which is in another loft which is a bit lower than the sleeping loft so you can actually stand up in it. The kitchen is in the centre, a bathroom under the sleeping loft and another closed off bedroom under the living room loft. This is a very well thought out design that shows you can have a second sleeping area if you plan well. Small house living can be very comfortable for even a family of three with this kind of layout. Check out the beautiful design and more tiny house models on the Tiny House Baluchon website.***

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