They Make Luxury Tiny Homes Exactly How You Imagine It FOR CHEAP! Must See Gallery

If you're into tiny house design, you'll love these tiny houses from My Tiny Home Company. They have some luxury style tiny houses that are custom designed to the customer's preference and needs. When building a tiny house, the part people usually have the most fun with is the design process. You can create a space that's all your own and tailor it to your everyday needs Looking at other tiny house designs really helps when it comes to figuring out your design, and taking a look at what different companies offer also helps a lot. With My Tiny Home Company you can choose from one of their tiny house models, and then their team will help you customize it. The company is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you're living in that area, they can help you out and build your tiny house for you. They build all of their tiny houses ready to move into, and they are priced according to size. The sizes range from 20 foot long homes to 28 foot long homes. A 20 foot home starts at $49,900, a 24 foot at $54,900, a 26 foot at $59,900 and a 28 foot at $64,900.

The price of a tiny house will also depend on the materials used to build it and the items that are used to furnish and finish it. Their tiny houses come with 8-foot shaker style kitchen cabinets in white, grey, or black with butcher block countertops. They also come with high-end fixtures like the commercial 30 inch wide and 10 inch deep handmade single or double stainless steel sink with a built-in drying rack. For cooking, they install a 6.5-inch two burner cooktop and an apartment sized stainless steel and black fridge. In the bathroom, there is a 10-inch rainfall showerhead for a relaxing shower and a fibreglass shower base, as well as a large sink and vanity unit. There's also a regular flush toilet in the house too which would work well for places with septic, but a composting toilet may also be an option for those living off the grid. They used pine wood siding, and the customer can choose the stain or the paint, and they use linoleum flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and the loft area. All of the white baseboards come with every home they build, and they help create that conventional home feel.

There are also optional additions that you can choose from to go into your tiny house on wheels including solar power if you want to be off the grid. You can also add in skylights for the loft areas to make them feel more spacious. If you are tech savvy, you'll probably want to upgrade your outlets to have the USB ports, maybe at least in a few areas of the house. Some other great additions they offer include a rooftop deck which would be so cool, for $6,000. You can also have laundry machine hookups installed for $600, and a washing machine added in for $950. If you hate doing dishes, you may also want to add in a dishwasher for $650 and for a comfortable space you'll also probably want to install a heating and cooling unit. They also have the option of a surround sound system and a rainwater system to make use of greywater and rainwater which is great for off-grid situations. So as you can see, if you want a luxury tiny house design, it could end up costing you closer to $100,000, but if you're okay with just the basics, you can build yours to be quite affordable.***

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