The Settler Log Cabin Greets You With an Attractive 6′ Front Porch

Enjoy the simple life in a lovely log cabin like this one from Cozy Cabins LLC. This is the Settler log cabin design from the company, a single module cabin making it great for weekend trips, summer vacations, winter holidays or even a backyard office. Some people also use these great small log cabins for accessory dwelling units on their piece of property to use as a rental unit or an extra room for guests. If you've been thinking about buying the perfect small log cabin, it always helps to look at different log cabin designs. It's also good to understand the pricing of log houses and be aware of how much they cost before you choose the one you want to build. Just like any building process, building a log cabin or home can get pretty expensive. But log cabins and houses might be even a bit more expensive than your average stick framed house built with lumber and drywall.

Why are log cabins and homes more expensive? It really comes down to the materials used in the build. The materials used to build log cabins and homes are quite expensive on their own. Wood is usually quite expensive, especially good quality wood. It's also one of the most sought-after building materials because of its durability and strength making it very valuable. Log houses and cabins will last a lifetime though, so the money is definitely worth it. It's been proven that some of the harshest winds, even hurricanes can't bring log houses down, which shows how solid they are. It also costs more to get good quality wood that's been grown in sustainable ways. The trees that are used for building log cabins and projects come from sustainable tree plantations. These are closely monitored and supervised to make sure that they pass as completely sustainable materials. They also usually plant more trees in place of any trees that are harvested for materials. The thing is, you're paying for high quality, which is a good thing. It may cost you more upfront, but it's worth it in the long run because you won't have to be doing repairs or have to rebuild several years down the road.

So how can you keep the cost of your log cabin lower while still keeping the quality high? The one thing to remember is that a low costing log house or cabin isn't always a good thing. Make sure you check into how and where they get their materials and the quality of the materials. If you want to keep your price point low, but the quality high, a good idea to think about is to build a smaller log cabin like the Settler. Choose a plan that will suit your current needs, and then, if you need to, you can always build onto your log cabin in time. Since the Settler is a modular style log cabin design, it would be fairly easy to build onto. It's really lovely too. You enter the log cabin from the 6 foot front porch, with beautiful gable timbers. The cabin model is available in 11 foot to 15 foot widths which you might think would be small, but once inside, it actually looks quite spacious. The 9 foot vaulted ceilings really help with that and if you go with a longer length, you can fit 2 bedrooms into the designs. The cabins can also easily fit a small kitchen, a bathroom, and living space. Check out this log cabin and some of the other log cabin designs from Cozy Cabins LLC and see which one you like the most.***

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