The Riley Home D-Log Cabin Is Simply Amazing

If you've been thinking about building your own custom log house, here is some great inspiration for you. You can see how great a custom log house can be from the Riley's log home. If you'd rather not design your log house from scratch, you can always customize an existing log home design to suit your needs and preferences. This is what many people do when it comes to building their log house or cabin. Taking some time to plan out the perfect log home for you and your family may take a lot of time, but it will be worth it in the end. Lucinda and Richard Riley chose Honest Abe Log Homes to design and build their custom log house for them. They started out by looking at different log house designs from the company as well as some different ideas from magazines. That's the best way to plan out your log house designs. Just begin with a general sense of what you and your family all like, and then find plans that match that. Decide together how many bedrooms would be ideal to have in your log house as well as how many bathrooms and the sizes of your communal spaces too. Honest Abe Log Homes has a bunch of amazing log house designs to choose from and keep in mind that you can make changes to anything about them to suit your vision. Their in-house design team will work on creating your perfect log house design on their 3D programs which will really give you a good idea of how your log house will look when it's done.

This home is made with heavy timber and beautiful posts for the entrance way on the porch outside the home making for a grand entrance into the home. Inside, the house is just as impressive as on the outside with high ceilings and exposed beams with metal plates joining them together. The Riley's log house features three bedrooms as well as two and a half bathrooms which is great for a family. If you need more bedrooms, you can always consider creating a finished basement area with bedrooms and a bathroom. The woodwork throughout the home is incredible. The log home building team used walnut wood and had their kitchen cabinetry handcrafted by a local cabinet maker from their area. The couple even did some of the finishing work themselves. The large windows included in the home's design bring in a lot of nice natural light as well as wonderful views of the surrounding property. They also added a natural stone fireplace in the corner of the living room which is always the heart of the home. The log home design also includes a loft area that overlooks the living room, and the master bedroom is a dream come true, complete with an ensuite bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

You can use this log house design and others from Honest Abe Log Homes as inspiration for your own log house designs.

Since they have distributors all over the US, you will probably be able to find a dealer in your area that can build you a log home from their company. It's always important to work with a log home building team that you can have a good working relationship with, including trust and good communication. Honest Abe is well known for being one of the best log home building companies in the US with so many happy customers. Enjoy having a look at the photos of the Riley family's log house and see if you could imagine yourself living in one like it.***

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