Take a Look at These Fantastic Custom Built Garden Cabins

This custom built garden shed is just one of the beautiful small cottage homes you will find on this amazing site. The tiny cabin designs, garden sheds, and unique small house plans each have their character and charm, and you are sure to fall in love with the quality of the designs. If nothing you will be inspired to have a garden shed or workshop of your own with cedar shakes, barn doors, reclaimed wood and more throughout many of the tiny cabin designs. You will want to take a look at the different garden sheds, tiny houses on wheels and the magical pixie cabin that won the shed of the year. This is a tiny cabin design site that you will want to look at again and again whenever you need some tiny house inspiration or a tiny house design of your own. The small cottage homes that you will find on this site takes tiny house living to a whole new level.

When you look inside some of these small cottage homes, you will see unique touches that make the homes feel original and cozy inside. One of those touches is with the use of reclaimed wood. It seems everywhere you look these days you are seeing reclaimed lumber being used on small cottage designs, and pieces of unique furniture. Reclaimed wood and lumber are simply wood that has already been processed, and that is retrieved from its original use to be then be used in another building project later. Using reclaimed wood is the ultimate in recycling because it takes something that might otherwise be thrown away and transforms it into something new and beautiful. Reclaimed wood has a quality all to its own, and adds character and warmth wherever its used.

Most of the reclaimed wood and lumber you will find comes from timbers and decking that are taken from old barns, factories, warehouses and you also may find wood from less traditional structures such as boxcars, wine barrels, and coal mines. Reclaimed or antique wood and lumber are used mainly for home building and decoration, for example for as siding, furniture, cabinetry, architectural details, and flooring. Reclaimed wood and lumber have a more rustic look that is appealing in many small cottage homes. Barns often serve as one of the most popular places to find reclaimed wood and lumber in both the United States and Canada. Those buildings that were built through the early part of the 19th century were typically built using whatever types of trees that were growing on or close to the property. The buildings and construction would often contain a mix of pine timber, chestnut, oak, poplar and hickory. The use of reclaimed lumber and wood is highly appealing in tiny home and furniture design, giving a unique look.

This is just one of the garden sheds you will find on the Custom Builts Surrey site. The owner of this custom tiny house company has been building tiny homes for most of his life. Having grown up in an old hunting lodge in Virgina Water in 400 acres of forest, this tiny cabin design-builder has tiny homes in his blood. From a young age, he was building camps and tree houses with every project became more and more challenging the older he became. On this tiny cabin site, you will find a unique small house plans from self-build garden cabins, bespoke garden buildings, bespoke garden sheds, and timber garages. You will also find bike sheds, workshops, front door porch, pool house designs, garden studios, garden rooms and so much more. **

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