See This Fantastic Log Home That Looks Even Better on the Inside!

The Pine Point is a wood cabin that sits on Pine Point overlooking the lake. The size of the wood cabin is 30 feet by 40 feet with 1,200 square feet of space on the main floor, and a total of 3,000 square feet altogether. On the main floor of the Pine Point is the great room with fireplace, kitchen, dining, bedroom, full bathroom, mudroom and laundry. Upstairs is lofted with two dormers making for plenty of space for an office or a sitting room, along with a master bedroom and bath. There is a walk out basement, a recreation room, bar, bedroom with bathroom, and utility room with storage.

Andersen Log Homes are just one of the wood cabin companies you might consider. The log house design that you choose will depend on a variety of factors, from budget, lifestyle and needs. Once you have chosen to build the log house of your dreams, wood cabin or commercial structure with Andersen Log Homes and you have a property to build on; you will need to provide them with a complete set of blueprints. They will also need to know the General Contractor that you choose. Once you find out what your log house shell will cost and the general contractor costs, you will then have to wait a bit for the log shell to be built. Approximately six months before building your log house shell, they will procure the logs for your log house, debark the logs, and then let them air dry before they are used in the construction of your new log house. While they are constructing your log shell in their building yard, this is the time to start preparing your log house building site with excavating; the building of the foundation, getting the septic and well in, and then roughing in the plumbing and the electrical needs for your log house. When the log house hell is completed on their site, they label and tag each log, then disassemble the log house onto trailers. Homeowners are then welcomed to join them on their building site when their wood cabin or log house is put back together.

Once the crane and the first load of logs are in place at your log house building site, the next step is to reassemble your log house by having the gable ends moved off the log house foundation. The first course of logs are then set on the foundation and squared up, followed by subsequent courses of logs for the log house. A fiberglass insulation is then carefully stapled between each of the logs lateral and corner notches before the log house goes back together on your site. Once the log walls, the posts and the loft floor joist system are then completely reassembled, the roof logs are then set into the gable ends. When the log house shell is completely reassembled on your building site, the next step is to have the roof installed in your log house. Once the roof is completed, they then come back out and meet with the homeowner and the general contractor to mark out all of the door and the window openings, the interior slot cuts for the partition walls and any other cuts that are necessary for the carpenters to complete their work. The crew from Andersen Log Homes then hand cut all the door and the window openings and the keyways, and other marked items that you need to be cutout. They also sand all log ends, and window opening to your specifications.

You will find this wood cabin on the Andersen Log Homes site. On the site, you will find wood cabins, log houses, cabin buildings and more. **

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