See This Beautiful 1192 Sqft. Log Cabin With Front Porch

In the past, log cabins were built to provide the immigrant farmer's shelter while their barns were built. Back then, there was and still is a difference between a log house and a log cabin. A cabin in those days would have been built without a foundation. There usually wouldn't be any windows and just a hole in the roof ventilation of the smoke from the fire they burned inside to keep it warm. These log cabins were built rather quickly and were meant to only last a year or two while the barn on the farm was being built and then after the barn was built a proper log house would be built. A log house, on the other hand, would have hewn logs, a shingled roof, glass windows, a proper chimney, and was built on a solid foundation. These days, log cabins are now built with the same kind of integrity that log houses are built too, and you don't find as many temporary structures as would have been found back then. In the US and Canada, the English were the last people to take on building their homes out of logs, and it was the Swedish and Scandinavian people who brought their techniques to their new homeland to share with others settling. Log home building quickly became the norm for pioneers settling in the backwoods of Northern Canada and the US.

A typical log cabin would be about 300 square feet, and the walls would be around 8 feet tall which made it very easy for two men to build together. They didn't really allow time for the logs to dry out, which is not the standard way to do it, but since these were temporary structures, it didn't matter too much if they lasted a long time. Most, if not all log cabins and homes are built with logs that have been dried out very well before using them in any building project. This will prevent the logs from cracking and from being susceptible to mould and mildew growth which can ruin the logs. The log houses built in the past and now are built with properly dried logs, usually using a kiln to dry them out. Log walls get their strength from the interlocking corners, and you'll see that many log home building companies offer different styles of corners that you can choose from. There are notched lapped or locked styles and dovetailed corners. This home called The Robert's Log Home from Natural Log Cabin has what appears to be round notched corners which is one of the older, more popular styles of joinery.

The Robert's Log Home is 1,192 square feet and has dimensions of 26 feet by 34 feet with an 8-foot front porch and a loft inside. The entire log home building kit is only $30,155 at the starting price which is pretty affordable for a real log cabin. Building small log homes is always much more affordable than building the larger ones, so if you're looking to keep your overall budget low when building your vacation cabin, building small is the way to go. Natural Log Cabin will also set up the log cabin right on your building site for $40,206 plus the cost to transport it there. Natural Log Cabin company is a family operated company from Michigan with 20 years of log home building experience. This company is very passionate about building natural and beautiful log houses and cabins, and it really shows in their finished products. Check out more of their designs on their website and see just how beautiful small log homes and cabins can be.***

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