Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

The tiny house movement is truly gaining momentum, with hundreds of people interested in building a tiny house of their own. This perfectly rustic tiny mountain cabin in British Columbia is a source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in tiny home design. Rustic living at it's finest is found within the four walls of the Keva Tiny House. Located on Salt Spring Island off the coast of Canada, the tiny house is situated in a temperate climate that stays quite pleasant year round. Rebecca is the proud owner of this sweet little abode built by Rudy Hexter. This tiny home design boasts beautiful wood work that adds to the rustic cabin feel, and the deck that was added on after the build is a great addition. You may not know it by looking at the photos, but the Keva tiny house is, in fact, a tiny house on wheels. The wheels are actually covered up by the deck, which makes it look like it sits on a conventional foundation rather than a trailer bed. Rebecca created her tiny home design on her own since she's always loved home design, and her friend Rudy and another friend helped with the building.

The Keva Tiny House is built on a 22 foot long, 8.5 foot wide, double axel trailer with a footprint of 168 square feet. She has one loft in the house, where she sleeps and there are even a couple of sky lights to do some star gazing on a clear night. The project took around 6 months to complete, and was ready to live in by the summer of 2015. Usually building a tiny house will take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on how frequently it can be worked on. If you are thinking about building a tiny house and you want to build it yourself, you will want to factor in more time to build it. Especially if you have a job to go to everyday and the only time you can work on it is the weekends. If you have some help from a carpenter, you could see your house built pretty quickly, but it may cost you extra for the labour, depending on the situation. This tiny house cost around $50,000 Canadian to build, but tiny houses can cost as little as $5000, again, depending on what the individual wants. Rebecca chose to build her house as sustainable as possible and she used local and sustainable building materials which tend to cost more.

Parking your tiny house once it's completed is an issue people building a tiny house may be wondering about. Rebecca was lucky enough to have friends with land who allowed her to park her home. They ran the electricity underground from their own home to power her house, and she also has running water and access to laundry. You may notice that there is no toilet in the bathroom, so she has an outhouse for a toilet. She does, however have a bathtub and an on demand hot water system that allows her to have a lovely warm bath or shower whenever she wants. Her heat is supplied by a cute little wood burning stove that creates enough heat to fill the whole house, and since Salt Spring Island winters don't get too cold, this is the perfect source of heat. You can see that she has plenty of room to spread out and do some yoga, and to play her harmonium to sing some Kirtan. The Keva is a perfect example of what the tiny house movement is all about. Thank you Rebecca for creating your website to show us around your inspiring home.***

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