Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Amazing Tiny House Materials

This modern 40-foot container home will surprise you with its spacious and appealing design. The covered porch is the first thing you see when you view this small cottage home. The porch provides the perfect place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or to sit outside and get some fresh air. The exterior of this small cottage home has smart lap siding with a raised sloped roof to allow for both lofts. The tiny house also has a Mitsubishi mini split unit, that will keep the small cottage home a comfortable temperature all year around without the noise of a window unit.

Inside this tiny modern home is lots of wood with stained pine Tongue and groove with painted trim. The vinyl flooring looks like wood and is a good compliment to the overall design. The barn wood accent wall in the small cottage home living area gives this design a nice rustic feel. This tiny container home has a nice sized loft that can fit a queen bed and lots of windows for natural light. The kitchen has custom built birch cabinets that are stained to match the trim with really nice gray laminate countertops. This small cottage home has a 15 cubic foot fridge, a combo washer/dryer unit, a full-size dishwasher and a convection microwave. Corrugated metal is used on the ceiling which nicely compliments the white kitchen cabinets and gray countertops. The bathroom also uses corrugated metal and has a standard 5-foot tub/shower unit with standard size toilet and bathroom vanity. This container home can be customized to suit your needs. The tiny house cost of this modern small cottage home is $47,900 for the 312-foot space. This tiny house is located in Archie, Montana.

Small house living offers more choices than ever before and ship container architecture has been picking up pace as more and more people realize the advantages of small cottage homes. A shipping container tiny house design is versatile and provides an affordable option in housing. The biggest incentive and advantage for anyone thinking about ship container tiny houses is that they are quite inexpensive if you are thinking of converting a container on your own. Getting a used shipping container and then converting it into a tiny home is far less expensive than buying a standard sized home in the cheapest place of the city. And you might not even find the home you are looking for. But with ship container tiny house designs, all you need to do is to look around and find one in the area you live. Whether you decide to buy a container home that is already finished or converting one of your own, you will be surprised at all you can do with both the exterior and the interior of this tiny house option.

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