Have A Look at this Amazing Eagledale Log Home

Have a look at this gorgeous Eagledale log house belonging to Mike and Joan Chalk built by Honest Abe Log Homes. If having a log house is on your list of dream items, you probably enjoy looking at different log house designs from different log home building companies. Mike and Joan had always dreamed of building their log house. The couple believes that when you want something badly enough, it will come together, which is exactly what happened for them on their log home building journey. Once you have the vision for building your log house on a piece of land, you've already begun the process of creating the home of your dreams. Of course, it requires some work and persistence on your part too. You'll need to save the money and find the land, find the company you'll work with as well as the design you'll go with. You may even want to have a hand in building your own log house which is a lot of work, but it's always said that it's well worth the wait and the hard work. If you want to build your own log house, buying a log home kit is your best option, and that's what Honest Abe specializes in.

They also offer a dry-in construction option that has their construction team built the basic structure for you. Then, they will link up their customers with other professional contractors in their area to finish the job. This would include the electrical work, the plumbing, cabinetry, masonry and so on. They do, however, install the windows and doors on the log house for the customers if they are hired to do so. Otherwise, their log home building packages include all of the pre-cut and labelled materials that are needed to build the log house of your choice. They have a ton of great log house designs to choose from in their catalogue as well that you can browse through and see which ones you like the best. Then, you can also alter the plans as needed to suit your needs and style. The Eagledale is one of their many designs and includes 1,456 square feet, one bedroom and two bathrooms. It also features a loft area which could be turned into a bedroom or used as an office space or another living room area. You could even add some walls to create a more private space up there too.

Mike and Joan waited until they retired to build their log house, but they held onto that dream throughout the years. Mike was in the military so he knew that he would be moving around a lot during the course of their marriage, so they didn't want to settle in their log house until he was finished work. The couple said it was easy to wait because he was looking forward to it, and it was well worth the wait when they had something to look forward to. One of the features of their home is the beautiful stone fireplace that the couple really enjoys. Joan also loves the kitchen and the views that they have access to from their log house. Mike loves the patio of their log home where he spends hours reading to start the day. Their log house designs are simple, but very impactful as well with the amazing cathedral ceilings and all of the impressive woodwork. Plus, the land the couple chose is incredible. You can use their story as inspiration for your own log house journey, and you can check out all of the other designs on the Honest Abe website for even more inspiration.***

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