Dream Big and Think Tiny

Looking to join in on the tiny house movement? Dream big and think tiny with these awesome tiny houses on wheels from the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village just outside of Portland, Oregon. If you are thinking of building your own tiny house on wheels, why not stay in one of the sweet tiny houses in this village first? Staying in a variety of tiny houses on wheels is a great way to test the waters and see if tiny house living is truly for you. You can also test out different floor plans and layouts to discover what your unique tiny house design would consist of. Most of the tiny houses on wheels are around 200 square feet on average. But you can also make larger ones that measure as long as 30 feet. Highway rules require that tiny houses on wheels be within 8 feet wide by 30 feet long and 13 feet tall. If you want larger dimensions, it means that you will probably have to use a pilot vehicle and get a permit when moving your tiny house on wheels. Staying within the guidelines means that you can tow your tiny house down the highway with no special permits.

The tiny house design is different in each of these houses. Even though they all come from the same company each one has a slightly different design and style. There are 5 tiny houses in total in the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village including Atticus, Lincoln, Zoe, Savannah, and Scarlett. Atticus is sleek, yet rugged with a cabin type of vibe, Lincoln is a mix of rustic and modern, Zoe has a very fresh and light look, Savannah is very bright and feminine with some Southern charm and last but not least is Scarlett, a farmhouse styled log house with so much charm and coziness. The houses range in price from $129 per night to $139 per night in US dollars and you can book in year round. They have a place on the website where you can check the availability of each of the different tiny houses. There are photos tours of each of the tiny houses so you can decide which one you may like to stay in the most. It could be hard to choose since they are all so cool. You could try different ones out over the course of a week or two depending on how much time you have. This way you could get a taste of each of them. Which one would you stay in first? What would be your second choice?

The tiny house movement is really accelerating, with thousands of people now creating their own tiny houses on wheels. Some people will draw up their own tiny house design on a computer program called Sketch Up, which is very user friendly. Others will purchase a tiny house package like the ones from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, which is where the ones you see here came from. Buying a tiny house building package helps with the building process tremendously. You are able to get the design you want, but you don't have to source all of your own materials which can take a really long time to do. Everything you need is in one, easy to assemble package that is delivered to you. If you would rather have your tiny house built for you, there are plenty of tiny house building companies popping up all over Canada and the United States who will gladly build your future home for you from their own plans and templates or from your own designs. Enjoy having a look at all of the cool homes in the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village.***

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