Custom Designed Lakeside Log Home

With so many log house designs to choose from, it's difficult to select just one. That is why it's important to do your research and find a log house company that matches your budget, lifestyle and needs. You'll want to look at log house builders who are close to where you live, and take a look at the wood cabins and log house design that they build. Honest Abe Log Homes are just one of the log house companies you might consider. These days another thing to consider is that your log house build is as green as possible. Honest Abe Log Homes and its sister companies have a long practice of using every component of the harvested log or the purchased timber. They buy and sell by-products of the milling process to each other, creating an almost zero-percent waste factor.

Once you start looking at different log house designs and wood cabins you will learn about the different types of wood used for log house building, you'll also find out how the wood is prepared for building, how the logs are dried and the log house construction process. When it comes to the logs that will be used in your log house design you want them to be uniform and stable. Kiln dried logs are logs that essentially have been pre-shrunk before milling to a final log profile to help create a uniform and stable log wall system that will have less settling and tighter joints. The logs with Honest Abe Log Homes use Eastern White Pine as their wood species for use in the wall logs, log sidings, support posts, porch posts, blocking, porch plates, porch rafters, railings and trim. The reason they use Eastern White Pine is that it is the least resinous of all the pines. And with this wood, there are fewer instances of bleeding logs and the logs are stable, without shrinkage or swelling significantly with the changes in moisture.

Using Eastern White Pine means there is less settling to contend with in log walls, is a major species for reforestation and is a renewable resource. Eastern White Pine is affordable, with lower cost for log package and one of the most widely used wood species in the log home industry. The wood is also time-tested and proven, with one of the highest R-values in all wood species, easy to work and mill, superior energy efficiency, and results in a precisely milled, excellent fitting product. And if that weren't enough, Eastern White Pine is also moderately light in weight, wood that is easier to handle without having to use heavy equipment, strong, especially suited for strong log walls, checks and warps less than other species, with fewer construction concerns and more aesthetically pleasing walls and durable. Eastern white pine is dependable over time, moderately resistant to rot and insects, and if properly maintained will last a lifetime. The wood readily accepts decorative stains and protective finishes and ensures simplicity of application and longevity to finish. Douglas Fir is used with Honest Abes Log Homes for use in their heavy timber rafters, the collar ties, wall-tie trusses, the ceiling beams, girders and timber frame components. Douglas Fir is the most plentiful of all North American softwood species, and with abundance equals affordability. Douglas Fir is naturally dimensionally stable, can season well into position and virtually eliminates twisting of timbers.

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