Covering the Entirety of One Long Wall in the Tiny House

If you're wanting to build your own tiny house, watching other people on their tiny house building journeys certainly helps to keep the momentum going. Here's one encouraging post from Tiny House Creative's Facebook page showing their progress on their own tiny house build. It's an exciting journey to decide to build your own tiny house, one that will change your life positively and teach you a lot along the way. You may have seen documentaries on tiny house building or watched a few shows, but nothing is quite like building your very own home. You get to decide on the tiny house design, as well as all of the different finishings and fixtures, and of course, all of the labor that goes into building a tiny house as well. Creating the floor framing, framing the walls, putting up siding, creating the rafters for the roof, and all the components of building the house, you'll be doing. It may seem like a lot of work to begin with, but the best thing to do is set achievable goals and work little by little, getting one thing done at a time. Celebrating the progress as you go also helps, and making sure that you're not rushing the process is key too. As the saying goes, "All good things take time."

In the photo you see here, Jeremy, one of the owners of this tiny house on wheels, was able to get all of the siding done inside of the tiny house. The tiny house on wheels was built by Jeremy and his partner Kendall after they became infatuated with tiny house living. Before that, the couple who are both artists and makers, worked out of a small basement studio creating art, textiles and prints. Their livelihood is symbiotic with who they are, and they don't even see their work as work, but as a part of their lifestyle. Any time someone buys something from them, they are supporting their way of life and getting a piece of their beautiful art. Their tiny house design is nice and small, but there is plenty of room inside for them to be able to work on their art and live comfortably. There are no current progress shots of their tiny house on wheels, but it's probably built and they are living happily in it.

Kendall and Jeremy's tiny house story is very similar to a lot of people's stories as far as why they choose to go tiny. People see it as a way to live a simpler, more intentional life, without the stresses of running the rat race. With mortgages so high these days, it can be a struggle for younger people to buy a house and keep up with the mortgage payments, so it's wonderful that there are solutions like this that are arising. Tiny house living does require people to have some creative thinking, and to use their imagination, but that's also what makes it so intriguing and fun. When you're creating your tiny house design, you get to figure out what kind of layout will work best for you and incorporate fun additions into the plans to personalize it and make it your own. As you may be aware, the tiny house movement has definitely been expanding over the last few years, especially because of the new shows, websites and companies. If you want to build your own tiny house on wheels, know that it's totally possible, just start sketching and planning your dream tiny house and see where it takes you. Enjoy looking through some of the photos on the Tiny House Creative website for some motivation.***

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