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Building a log house isn't always a quick process, but it's always worth the wait. So if you're thinking about building a log home from scratch, you should definitely look into pursuing it. Anyone who owns a log house will probably tell you it was well worth the time, money and energy that went into it. Like Pattie and Geary Clayton who had always really loved the city life in Atlanta, Georgia, but made a choice to get a vacation property that they could go to when life in the city got to be too hectic. So they began their search for the perfect land for their second home and searched for several years. While they were looking for their plot of land, they multitasked by looking into log home builders and log house designs. Then, in 1990, they found a lot they fell in love with on Lake Oconee, which is only about 90 miles from Atlanta. They were also able to find their ideal log home building company which happened to be Honest Abe Log Homes.

The couple started out by bringing their log home designs to the company. Their first plan was sketched on a piece of paper, and then the company was able to translate that into a professional log home design. They created a gorgeous 3,100 square foot home with three bedrooms. This is always a great idea when you're first starting out in designing your log house. Just take out a piece of paper and start sketching away. You can also use computer programs like SketchUp if you are computer savvy and there are even online tutorials teaching you how to use this online software. You could also have a look through the log house designs on Honest Abe's website and see if there is a plan that appeals to you and they can always alter it in any way you need them to so it suits your needs. The Claytons chose to go with a dry-in package meaning that the walls, roof, windows, exterior doors and trim, porches and flooring were all built for them by the team of craftsmen. The home is built out of 8 by 8-inch kiln dried eastern white pine logs made into a D shaped profile with a tongue and groove system to ensure a close fit. The D shaped logs are round on the outside and flat on the inside making for easier decorating. It can be quite difficult to hang certain pieces of art on the rounded logs which is why many people choose to go with a flat profile on the interior of the home.

One of the most interesting things the Claytons discovered was that they always had people asking them if they could tour their log house. People in their new area were quite interested in their log house because there weren't many of them in the area. So they would give people tours of their home and express their love for their log house and the company that built it for them. They also became pretty good at sharing the benefits of building with logs to other people which lead them to becoming log home dealers themselves. Their new business is called Clayton Builders. But with their new business, they also found that they needed more space in their home. They didn't want to have to move, so they just added onto their existing home. Which goes to show that you can always build smaller and then add onto the home as needed. Check out the full log home in the photos.***

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