A Must See Log Home Plans With Daylight Basement

Buying or building your own home can be a very exciting process. You finally get to see your dreams come to reality and live in the home you've only thought about and talked about with your family. There is a lot to think about too when it comes to building that home of your dreams including the log home building company you're going to have build your house. To begin comparing companies, you need to learn about the product each of the companies is selling and then scope out the differences between the two. There's also the different log house designs each of the companies offers and their style of building. Each one may also offer different services as well which may make you lean toward going with one builder over another because they offer more. With each company, it's important that you get a clear estimate of the cost per square foot for each of the log house designs you're looking at. One of the factors in the overall price of the log home is the size of the floor plan. So try and find similar floor plans from each of the companies you're comparing, and start with three or four plans from three or four different companies. Another thing that can really impact the price is the size, shape and species of log they're building with. So again, try and remain consistent with this when comparing log home prices from different companies too.

This is a log house design from Cowboy Log Homes, a company operating out of Belgrade, Montana. The company has a passion for building log houses. They especially love the craftsmanship involved in log home building. They started out in major remodels and then went on to do new construction and log houses have always been their favourite. They build everything from full log houses to full pre-cut packages. Mike and Sue Lemmon, the owners of the company, are very hands-on people and they are always close by when any project is being built. This log house design is one of their designs called the Sierra log house. Its dimensions are 42 feet wide by 44 feet deep with 2 stories. The first floor has 1,176

square feet, while the second floor has 658 square feet. The total square footage of the home is 1,834 square feet, and there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as an open loft space and 416 square feet of deck space outside. The first floor also features a laundry room which is a must-have in any family household as well as a covered front porch.

The Sierra log home design has a nice and large living room area, as well as a second-floor master suite with the open loft. The home is built on a basement foundation that was made into a finished walk-out basement area. They added egress windows which bring in more light to the basement making it a brighter, more welcoming space. There's even a large game room in the basement as well which would be popular with the kids. The larger version of this log house plan would be the Montana Plan from Cowboy Log Homes if you're looking for something that will suit a larger family. Building on a basement foundation is a very smart way to add more bedrooms in your home without having to put them in the log house designs which can end up costing more money. Enjoy having a look at this and some of the other great designs from Cowboy Log Homes and find out which of the designs speaks to you the most.***

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