A Family Friendly Tiny House with Stunning Interior, Must See!

NOTE: The link doesn't show the article or video of the tiny house any more, but here is another link I found that talks about the show and the tiny house in the photo. http://www.fyi.tv/shows/tiny-house-nation/articles/family-friendly-house

We have been used to seeing fairly tiny houses come out of the tiny house movement, but here is a family friendly tiny house with a stunning interior. This tiny house on wheels is definitely a must see project for any tiny house enthusiasts out there. Most of the people choosing to live in a tiny house on wheels are mainly couples or single people looking to minimize their belongings and live as simpler, more affable lifestyle. But more and more, we are seeing that families are also becoming interested in living in a tiny house, and they are looking for a more expansive tiny house design. In order to fit more than two people in a tiny house, the square footage must increase a bit to allow for some extra bodies in the home, as well as added privacy so that everyone in the household can have their own space. Many parents may be thinking that this would be a great way to live so that they can save up for their child's education, as well as for their own retirement. Some families just want a simpler life that will mean parents working less and being able to spend more time at home with the family.

This tiny house on wheels is huge in comparison to some of the other tiny houses we have seen, and it features so many cool additions that haven't been added to other projects. When designing a small home for a family with children, it's important to factor in that kids need their own space to sleep, and spaces to play and store their toys, books and clothing. Another thing when designing a small house for a family is that the kitchen will need to be able to accommodate a family's meals. This can mean ample fridge space and dry food storage space as well as enough room to cook and prepare meals. Families may also want to invest in an apartment sized stove and oven, or even a full sized oven depending on how much they cook. The bathroom is another area of the home to consider adding in more amenities like a bath tub for the kids, as well as a washer and dryer or an all in one unit to keep up with the laundry. All of these things make living in a tiny house on wheels much more approachable for a family.

The family home here is 200 square feet on the main level, and it has a separate sleeping loft for both the kids and the parents, as well as a fully equipped tiny kitchen with full sized appliances and a large, farmhouse style kitchen sink. It looks like a normal, family friendly house, just shrunk down a bit to make it more compact. The home was built for Adam and Gabrielle by Arrow Fastener Company to accommodate their growing family. They wanted to make the house more kid purposed rather than kid proof, and the builders implemented different elements that support both the parents and the children as they grow and live together. Arrow Fastener Company works with the FYI network for their popular TV show, Tiny House Nation to make people's big dreams to live in a tiny house come true. A great idea for growing families who want to live tiny, is to add onto their tiny house as the family grows, or, perhaps build kids their own separate tiny house as they get older. Getting teenagers to help out with the planning and construction would be a great learning process for them. This home is a perfect example of the versatility of tiny house design, and that if you want to live in a tiny house on wheels, anything is possible.***

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