A Beautiful Project with an Incredible Veranda and an Interior Designed By La Tiny House

This could be one of the most expansive tiny house deigns you've ever seen. Here is a beautiful project with an incredible veranda and an interior designed by La Tiny House in France. One thing many people worry about when they think about living in a tiny house on wheels is lack of space. Usually, tiny house designs are very efficiently designed with plenty of nooks and spaces to hang out and enjoy, but this particular design adds something that we haven't seen yet, which is a large veranda. Now, you may be thinking, how will the tiny house on wheels roll down the highway with a veranda coming off the side? Well, it looks like the veranda is easily disassembled and then reassembled once the house is parked where it will remain for some time. Laura and William wanted a bit more enclosed space, which is what lead them to figuring out the design of the closed in veranda. Most tiny house designs will add on a large deck to add some extra space, and while this is great for in the summer time, when it comes to the colder months, the deck doesn't really get used all too much. Enclosing the deck or patio creates some additional space in the tiny house, but it's nice that it can be taken down if the house needs to move.

On La Tiny House Facebook page, we see the shell of the tiny house with the veranda all ready to be delivered to Paris. Once the house is in Paris, the Laura and William will work to finish the interior of the space making it look like their sketched up tiny house designs. The interior and exterior are all created out of wood, but the couple will most likely add some colour or stain to the wood to make it look more homey. La Tiny House offers 3 different plans, in 4 sizes. The three styles are The Granville, The Tiny Stream, and The Appalache, which has the maximum volume. The sizes are 4, 5, 6 or 7 meters which converts to 3, 16, 19, and 22 feet long. The same regulations for tiny house dimensions apply in France and the tiny houses on wheels can only be a certain size to be able to be towed down the road. People wanting larger tiny house designs can add on an enclosed veranda like this design shows, or add on more rooms when the tiny house is parked permanently. Or, people can build stationary tiny houses if they have a piece of land to build on instead of the tiny house on wheels.

Small home living doesn't have to feel like you are giving up anything either. Many people do wonder how people can live in such a small space and could never imagine living in a small space themselves for various reasons. The design is so important to focus on for the first part of the tiny house building process. Tiny home owners and builders alike will find that there are so many different ways of using the space within a tiny house and the ways of using this space are numerous. Since each different person will have different needs, each tiny house design will be quite different and unique to the people living within it. For example, for people who work from home, a nice desk space is required for work, but that desk space could also double as the kitchen table or a crafting table. Enjoy having a look at Laura and William's lovely tiny house and many of the others on La Tiny House's Facebook page.***

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